A Gutenberg Migration Guide for Developers

In order to help developers learn how to migrate from the classic editor to Gutenberg, Daniel Bachhuber has launched a Gutenberg Migration Guide. Bachhuber is seeking the community’s help in identifying and filling a database to document all of the ways the classic editor can be customized.

Take a look through the Gutenberg Migration Guide. For each action, filter, and so on, we’d like to document real-world examples of how they’ve been used. Then, for each of those real-world examples, identify how the feature might be replicated in Gutenberg.

Daniel Bachhuber

He uses the media_buttons action as an example. This action is commonly used to add a button to the top of the editor. Developers can accomplish the same task in Gutenberg using the block inserter.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you’re encouraged to create a new issue on GitHub.

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