1. Not sure I like the idea of this, I’ve written SASS on a local install before and if the syntax is wrong it breaks the site if the compiler errors. I guess this would be ok on a local install but not on a production site.

    1. noomia

      The plugin says that : “If you’re working on a live/production site, you can send errors to a log. This will create a log file in your scss directory and print errors there as they occur. Just keep an eye on it, because the css will not be updated until errors have been resolved.”

      So this isn’t really a problem :)

  2. I run something similar to this and errors during compilation shouldn’t be a problem if its coded somewhat intelligently. And compilation only happens when there have been actual file changes so its not doing anything special on a normal site visit.

  3. The scssphp page on Github says “It does not implement the SASS syntax, only the SCSS syntax.” I thought they were basically the same thing, but they’re clearly making a distinction — so it may be inaccurate to say it does SASS.

  4. I use the functions.php file to enqueue my compiled CSS file. Not sure why a plugin is needed for this if you properly manage your config.rb file?

    1. carlos

      Hi Thad, How do you do that please?

      1. Something like this:

        function some_function_name() {

        wp_register_style( ‘screen’, get_stylesheet_directory_uri().’/PATH/TO/COMPILED/CSS/FILE’, ”, ‘1010’, ‘all’ );
        wp_enqueue_style( ‘screen’ );

        add_action( ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘some_function_name’ );

  5. This is cool, and convenient for a quick fix but FTP commando has been around too long and needs to die. Production environments should never ever be live edited, there is just too much at risk to do that, it’s a bad practice, and it does an injustice to the end user.

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