1. Hey Jeff – interesting article. Attrition is actually pretty high all across IT. IMO Anyone who can keep an employee for more than 2 years is doing something right.

  2. While it is easy to switch one remote job for another i think that companies who treat employees with respect and are paying well have nothing to worry about.

  3. Equally important to culture is purpose.

    If people genuinely believe their work furthers a purpose they believe in, it’s very hard for another company to compete with better perks or salary alone.

    As web developers, one of the best purposes we can strive for is making the web better. At least one WordPress company, with famously low attrition, understands that: http://cl.ly/image/1C2x083d0r1K

  4. I think that developers switching companies is a symptom of our industry as a whole, not WordPress or remote specific. At my agency, we see workers who stay on for 20-30 years and those that leave within 3 years. Most that stay beyond the three year period are here for most, if not all, of their professional lives. But there is a threshold that many cannot tolerate or simply won’t. There are a plethora of developer jobs out there and if you are simply looking for pay and benefits, there’s always someone paying more.

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