1. This….

    “One challenge Clark may face is that this service depends heavily on the client already having all the content ready to launch a website in a day. Even the most well-prepared clients are often clueless as to what this will entail, especially those that fall within his targeted “non-web-geek” demographic.”

  2. I imagine since the build day is scheduled, the client will have time to prepare their ten pages of content (it might be less and some recycled from an old site). If they don’t have it ready before the build day ends, they could add it themselves or have Adam do it at the cost of extra time, right?

    This is a really interesting experiment. People often want things fast and any website from Adam should be worth $1,000. Everything I’ve seen from him has great polish.

    It would be great to see this succeed and scale with a team.

  3. Thanks for the article Sarah. I think you’re right, client preparation will be a big deal. I’ve got processes in place, but as with any new venture, the processes will continue to be improved.

    Currently, client interaction begins with a call where we discuss what they want to accomplish on their day and I have a document to help them prepare everything that will be necessary on “the big day”.

    I’m excited to see how it goes.

    1. Best of luck Adam. I’ve owned a domain with an idea to launch a very similar service here in the UK for some time now.

      Hopefully one day I’ll get around to it – maybe if you can prove there’s a market for this kinda thing it’ll spur me on!

    2. Could you come back in a month or so and report how this model is working out for you? What happens if you don’t launch the site in the same day? WordPress development fast food style!

  4. We offer a very similar service at hullopress.com (Portuguese site), and we’re yet to see the day when a client approaches us with all of their content ready for upload, and even have it ready for us within a week. Another thing to be wary of is clients asking for additional features, which are never as simple or quick to implement as they think. Barring that, our experience tells us that delivering a site in one day is perfectly feasible. Best of luck!

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