1. Jeff, thanks so much for running this competition, I had a blast writing that story, I’m glad your readers enjoyed it and I am very much looking forward experimenting with Gravity Forms.

    Thanks too to Redwall, Nic and Dgold, whose stories I enjoyed, and to all the people who took the time to vote or leave feedback.

  2. dg


    I would say that I won the poll, with 0%. That means absolutely NO ONE thinks my idea was crazy. Therefore my idea enjoys wide support, and should be implemented.

    For the record, my idea was that WordPress should release a stable version that does not require upgrading.

    In this way, a person can publish any “content” on the internet using WordPress, and forget about it. You are safe. The content is published permanently. The website will remain online forever (as long as you pay your server bills) without requiring you to babysit the WP software.

    Thanks for your support, WP Tavern!

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