1. Wow! Looks fantastic Sarah.

    The number of WordPress sites has got to be a strong motivation for any developer out there and if you can be first with your product…..

    Wish I had shares in this one.

  2. If it works as well in real life as it does in the video, it’s an impressive plugin- I’ll spend 12 bucks to find out…

  3. I got a chance to look at Barley’s inline editing plugin for WordPress and honestly I was disappointed. I don’t think it is really an inline editor, in fact there are currently several much better inline editing plugins available in the repository. Barley does not have enough editing options available at the moment. Users can not even insert an image in a post (they can set featured image). I think it will need sometime to become a good product. It does have potential to be one, but right now it is not.

  4. Wow , looks like a very powerful plugin. I can’t wait till this gets bundled into core so I can spend my time on more important tasks, instead of re-editing content the marketing team has jumbled!

  5. @Noumaan Yaqoob – I was able to insert an image into the post easily when I used it. An image and a video too. Maybe you were using an older version? This was the most refined editor I’ve used so far.

  6. WordPress for Barley looks perfect for fast posting. I’ve got several blogs, as well as blogs I update for clients, and so this will save me time.

    I’ll even get over my ingrained new-plugin distrust for this, because I hate digging into a blog’s archives and updating posts. :-)

    Thanks for a great overview, Sarah.

  7. @Colin Devroe @Brian Krogsgard – yeah I might have tried the earlier versions.

  8. As I said in our team chat, hot diggity! I wonder if core’s eventual front-end editor can take anything away from this.

  9. Gerry Nicodemus

    Looks pretty slick, I’ll pay $12 to try it.

  10. Hey Sarah !
    Thanks for this post ! This plugin seems to be pretty amazing. A lot of promises in it.
    Maybe we’ll see this kind of tool in a next version of WordPress. For the 4.0 release ?

  11. Hi Sarah, this does look like an awesome plugin to have. Thanks for sharing! I might actually give this a try on one of my sites. :)

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