1. Ali
    · Reply

    Sailor Moon sweatpants <- this made my day. had a loud laugh.


  2. Steven Gliebe
    · Reply

    He’d be shocked to know that some of us have been working in basketball shorts and flannel pajamas for decades.

    The only time I work while wearing something fancy like jeans is when I know I’ll cut the grass after work – and that means I also wear my oldest shirt.

    People can do what they want in their homes and don’t need some guy with a silly hat telling them otherwise. He’s way late to the game.


  3. Rand Lykeny
    · Reply

    I work naked.

    Clothes do not a plug-in make nor a website design. I do not have client video calls nor do I have a boss except my kids who are in the rest of the house. I wear something to leave my office space but in my room? My never to be entered by any other soul workspace of a room…?



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