1. Tom

    Oh my, more musical chairs. I had missed it. Fortunately Wikipedia has kept up to date… ” Clearlake Capital Group announced that it would acquire Endurance International Group for around $3 billion… Clearlake spun off the Endurance Web Presence division, including subsidiaries Domain.com, Bluehost, and HostGator. Endurance Web Presence merged with Web.com to form a new company named Newfold Digital. Newfold Digital is a joint venture between Clearlake Capital (short-time owner of Endurance) and Siris Capital Group (long-time owner of Web.com).” I wonder what we can expect from all of these “chairs” under new management.


    • Trevor Graham

      I cannot say I was a fan of the business practices of Endurance International Group (EIG), and I doubt much changed after the dust of the shuffling of share certificates earlier this year that gave rise to Newfold Digital.

      They are, no doubt, reacting to the plugin/themes acquisitive nature of GoDaddy (another ‘web presence’ business of whom I am not a fan), but it does leave a foreboding feeling when two giants like Newfold and GoDaddy start picking off some of the big ‘names’ of this community.

      Despite assuring employees that there would be no job losses, EIG were legendary for taking a big bad sharp knife to the cost base of any acquired business, slashing customer support and development budgets.


  2. Dumitru Brinzan

    So many people have been burnt by EIG in the past.
    HostGator was a great hosting provider with good customer service and support. After moving under the EIG umbrella, their customer service was incompetent at best.
    Then EIG pushed the SiteLock scam through all their hosting companies and hosting partners. I wrote about this scam back in 2016 and received hundreds of comments and emails from other victims.

    So whatever their new name is, I am very worried about the future of the free Yoast plugin. I will not update it blindly and will check the changelogs after every update.
    One thing that will surely follow is aggressive advertising for all their brands and companies in the WP Dashboard.

    What a great time and opportunity for other SEO plugins on the market. This is the time to capitalize on the anti-EIG sentiment.


  3. Trishan Mehta

    I feel that Yoast had started to feel the heat from the newer SEO plugins like Rank Math that offer more than what Yoast SEO has to offer in its premium version and hence this sell-off move.

    The team might stay on for a bit longer until Newfold Digital decides it’s time for Valk to take a walk into the sunset.


  4. mahesh

    Expecting some added features in the free version like Rank Math.. I am using Yoast plugin from long time..


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