Yoast Acquires Duplicate Post, Brings on Creator Enrico Battocchi as a Senior Developer

Yoast, the company behind the popular Yoast SEO plugin, announced it had acquired the Duplicate Post plugin earlier today. Along with the acquisition of the project, the company brought on its creator, Enrico Battocchi, as a senior developer. He will continue in a lead role with the future development of the plugin.

Duplicate Post currently has over three million active installations and is translated into 46 languages. Of its 451 reviews, it has almost a near-perfect 429 five-star ratings. Few plugins, especially when they garner such a large user base, can pull off the feat of an average 4.9 user rating. Battocchi has put in over a decade of work into building the community around the plugin.

The plugin does exactly what its name implies. It allows end-users to duplicate posts. “Post” in this sense means any type of content, including pages and post types from other plugins. It also allows users to choose which fields are copied in the duplicated post.

“Lots and lots of people use this, for several workflows,” said Joost de Valk, Chief Product Officer at Yoast. “They use plugins like this to be able to re-publish and have a publishing ‘workflow’ on existing posts, something we intend to make easier. They use this to copy a design made in a page builder like Elementor or Divi, a complex post setup with ACF blocks, or something like that, and just have to alter the content and not restructure the whole thing.”

For a plugin in such a seemingly small niche, many users have found a need for the ability to clone posts. “It surprised me as well that there was this large a group of users for a plugin like this,” said de Valk,” but it’s obviously there.”

It was not immediately apparent how a post cloning plugin would fit into the traditional Yoast brand. The company’s primary focus is on SEO tools. However, de Valk feels like it has a home at Yoast.

“What we want to do is twofold: the first of the workflows I mentioned, republishing content, is often done with SEO at least ‘in mind,’” he said. “We want to make that workflow easier. The second has an SEO ‘risk’: changing a post or page only slightly could lead to duplicate content problems. When we know that a post or page is a duplicate of another post or page, we can verify that it has, in fact, been changed enough, or give feedback to mitigate that potential SEO issue.”

“Yoast is also a key part of the wide WordPress community, supporting it in various ways (from Core development to WordCamp sponsoring),” wrote Battocchi in his own announcement. “I’m excited to join them because I’m confident that Yoast will be a great new home for Duplicate Post, and its users will benefit of all the advantages of an inventive company which can provide quality, support, vision for the future.”

What’s in Store for the Plugin?

Yoast plans to keep Duplicate Post free for the long haul and has no plans for commercial upgrades. This is not an empty promise, assures Battocchi. “One of the conditions for me to join was to be sure that Duplicate Post would stay free: there are no plans to switch to a premium/freemium scheme, and none of its current functionalities will be removed from it,” he said.

The team is remaining tight-lipped about any big features on the horizon. However, the most immediate goal is to improve the plugin’s accessibility.

It almost goes without saying that the team will look into how Yoast SEO and Duplicate Post can work together. “We’ll add some simple integrations between Yoast SEO and Duplicate Post,” said de Valk in the announcement post. “Such as making sure that the user roles that Yoast SEO adds, SEO Editor and SEO Manager, can duplicate posts.”

Beyond that, the company is awaiting feedback from end-users. “We have ideas,” said de Valk, “but we’re also very interested in hearing yours and your readers’ suggestions.”

He has also opened feedback requests on the Advanced WP Facebook group. Thus far, most of the feedback is centered on better integration with page builders and other plugins that build content.


16 responses to “Yoast Acquires Duplicate Post, Brings on Creator Enrico Battocchi as a Senior Developer”

  1. Duplicate Post has been a great tool in the arsenal for years and years for me.
    Sure WP CLI might make it redundant in some situations … but not everyone likes working from CLI and having a GUI friendly solution which hardly ever fails (still have to see that happen) is very welcome.

    Do hope that it all remains as is … and wonder what Enrico will be doing within the Yoast team.

    Either way, best of luck with both the development and this ‘development’ ;)

  2. Interesting… looking forward to seeing where this goes.

    I’m one who uses this plugin for my theme tutorials because many of the steps are very similar to each theme’s setup. I have all tutorials (for each theme) in one long page, so this plugin saves a ton of time having to copy/paste.

    I also use the Duplicate Menus by Jonathan Christopher, as well — perhaps Yoast should consider that one too!

    • The GPL has nothing to do with the cost of something. The GPL is only about what you can do with the code.

      It has nothing to do with the talent behind the plugin, brand, documentation, user base, and all the other things that make a plugin worth buying. It can be bought and sold like any other piece of software.

  3. Congratulations Enrico! Just discovered duplicate post today and I couldn’t contribute – now I see why :) Yoast has a great set of SEO plugins – really enjoy – thank you so much for your Duplicate Post plugin development – works very well, even with Themeco Pro Theme.


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