1. JLeuze

    Recording the aftershows is a great idea. The couple of times I’ve stuck around, they’ve been interesting and fun so sign me up.

    Print-on-demand services are kinda expensive, but it doesn’t cost you anything and there’s no risk, you can experiment and figure out what works. I’d totally recommend Zazzle, they have done a great job for me in the past.

    The nice thing is, you can start offering products through print-on-demand right away and use the revenue and experience to pick up just what inventory you know you can sell in a realistic amount of time. Though the thought of you surrounded by giant piles of WPTavern tshirts does make me giggle ;)

    Only a few more weeks until your hundredth episode, how exciting! Oh, and good luck with your house, next time send Chip…


  2. Nicolas

    Jeff, I’m pursuing a life change at this moment trying to make a living from something that not a lot of people are fortunate enough to do it.

    I wish you the best of luck in your future projects. I think your going to be okay. The WordCamp idea sounds great … I think this could be a great way for companies to get the word out and for you to have great experiences participating in the WordCamps.


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