WPWeekly Episode 84 – Interview With Page.ly

wordpressweekly1This episode of WordPress Weekly featured two different guests. The first, Joshua Strebel who operates the Page.ly service. Page.ly is an interesting service because it takes the best of what WordPress.com has to offer and combines it with the freedom of using the WordPress software itself. While I would have thought that this is directly competing against WordPress.com, it’s not. During the interview, I ask Josh what happens behind the scene at Page.ly, what the response has been like from his current customer base, the specifics behind why he is only hosting WordPress powered websites and much more.

During the second half of the show, Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome fame joined the show to talk about his usage of WordPress MU along with BuddyPress. Chris currently has Lockergnome.net setup for anyone who wants a free blog. However, Chris has setup premium.lockergnome.net to provide more value for the blogs hosted on the domain. During the show, we talked about Chris’s use of the Lifestream plugin that many people found interest in.

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Stories Discussed:

The WordPress Core Team Grows By One


There will be an open mic show on January 19th to get everyone caught up on the latest WordPress news.

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Next Episode: Tuesday, January 19th 8P.M. EST

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Length Of Episode: 1 Hour 13 Minutes

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  1. Great show. Really enjoyed to hear how they built their business on WP.


  2. Jeff, after listen to some parts of the show for a second time, I wanted to ask a question about BuddyPress. Is there still a project like the bbPress Plugin you mentioned on another post for BuddyPress. So that you could run it on a regular WP install? Or will this not be done as WP and WPmu are about to merge. And if the latter is true, will still every regular WP be able to run BuddyPress or only those who activate the WPmu features?


  3. @Nicolas – In the current trunk version of BuddyPress, it runs off a single WordPress install. you will only needs the multi-blog part if you want users to have actual blogs. The BP areas are tied to the main blog.


  4. @Andrea_R – thanks for the info. This might end up being exactly what I will be using for a project that already runs on WP.


  5. Just a quick FYI … it seems the iTunes podcast is not working (Jan 18), some sort of error :(


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