1. Jon

    Good to hear you again Jeff… Drat though… I missed it live again… With how irregular shows have become I would love to subscribe to an email newsletter that let me know a day or two _before_ a live show so I could tune in.

    One note regarding Media… I’ve been a huge proponent of overhauling media since I built my first WordPress as a CMS site (ie. non-blog site). Media frankly works ok for blogging, but it’s miserable if you need to keep and manage an organized media library that you’ll pull from directly when creating content months from now. There desperately needs to be a way to organize uploaded media (tags, categories, searchable metadata) so that users can search for and find already uploaded media.


  2. Jeffro

    @Jon – If you would like to be reminded of the show via email, please create an account on Talkshoe.com and then visit my Talkcast page. After you create an account, you’ll be able to click on the FOLLOW THIS button, which will add your email address automatically to the mailing list. Each time I send out a reminder of when the show will air, an email will be sent to the email address you configured when you created your Talkshoe account.


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