WPWeekly Episode 104 – To P Or Not To p

wordpressweekly1In this episode of WordPress Weekly, we discussed a number of topics including the headlines of the week such as the release of BuddyPress, an A/B testing plugin in the works, WordPress milestones, and the hot story of the week, The Capital P Dangit Filter. I was joined on the show by Dremeda who heads up the awesome site Sucuri.net. Near the end of this episode, I made the announcement that I’ll be taking a summer vacation from producing the show. When I get back, I hope to have some new stuff to play around with and a renewed sense of energy to do the show. It’s not disappearing or anything, just going on a small hiatus. However, I will occasionally upload an interview or two as well as material I obtain from conferences I attend before the end of the year so you shouldn’t unsubscribe from the podcast feed.

Ad Copy:

This episode of WordPress Weekly is brought to you by, the letter P. It’s the sixteenth letter in the alphabet and sits between the letters O and Q. The ASCII code for capital “P” is 80 and for lowercase “p” is 112; or in binary 01010000 and 01110000, respectively.

Stories Discussed:

BuddyPress Released
A/B Testing Plugin In The Works
Ask Mark
July WordCamps
WordPress Milestones As a side note, some design changes have already started to occur on the WordPress.org domain such as the drop down menus when you hover over the word Extend.
WordPress Support Forums Upgraded
WordPress And PHP 5
The Capital P Dangit Filter

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Length Of Episode: 57 Minutes

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