1. scribu

    I’m pretty sure at least the WPMU accronym will linger for a while.

    When I write MS, I involuntarily think of MicroSoft.


  2. Jeffro

    @scribu – Yeah, and this won’t help matters any.


  3. WordPress MU

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  4. Dan

    He did a good job most of the time, though I surely won’t miss digging through Donncha’s bizarre, boring blog looking for information about WordPress MU.
    (Yes you could subscribe to the WordPress MU category in the last year or so, but for a while that was actually impossible because he was using that terrible Feedsmith plugin so the category feed would frustratingly redirect to the whole blog.)


  5. Donncha

    Dan – boring bizarre blog? Thanks. Why didn’t you email me to tell me the WordPress category feed was broken for you? Somehow the WordPress Planet feed aggregator was able to read it perfectly ok for years.


  6. Dan

    Listen, I used the wrong words–it’s just that I don’t know about a lot of the stuff–I meant confusing, because you’re obviously a smart guy and you blog about specific Ireland and EU issues a lot, and I find those EU politics bizarre, just in general. I hope you don’t feel insulted.


  7. samh

    You could forgive him for feelling a little instulted Dan.

    You’ve just said to one of the biggest contributors to WPMu over the years that his blog is boring and bizarre. Someone who has pulled out all the stops to make sure that Mu continues to improve and be practical foro all of us – his Domain Mapping plugin as just one example.

    Donncha, your efforts are hugely appreciated and I hope to continue to see your influence in the MS features of 3.0


  8. Dan

    You’re piling on pretty late here (5 days)–I think I made it clear above: I used the wrong words (I was referencing the subject matter, not the writing or reasoning quality of his blog, but I should have been more clear); and I think Donncha is a very smart guy.
    I showed him the respect he deserves by quickly explaining my error; you on the other hand don’t deserve any respect; you’re trying to turn this into a row for no reason. Why are you trying to get involved when this has nothing to do with you?


  9. Sam H

    No, you’re right, I don’t deserve any respect at all. I’ve not achieved a fraction of anything Donncha has – or anyone else on this site.

    Equally, neither was I attempting to start a row – that was not my intention.

    I just feel that rather than draw attention *any* area of his blog, his writing, or his subject matter that you didn’t like, it would have been more measured and appropriate to have simply looked at what Donncha has achieved for us, the community, and praise that.

    I don’t think Donncha needs me to defend him here, so I’ll stop and let his work do the talking. But it was nice of you to acknowledge that he did “a good job most of the time”

    I hope a delay of three days is ok for you.


  10. Donncha O Caoimh

    Darn, I should have replied earlier. I’m not insulted! Let’s just call a halt to this conversation now.


  11. Jeffro

    @Donncha O Caoimh – I’m still insulted by the fact that I published a post announcing the last version and you released another one.

    Ok buddy, just kidding :)


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