1. Saurabh Shukla

    As someone suffering from depression unawares for more than two-thirds of my life and especially struggling with it in the past couple of years, I felt extremely lonely and unable to talk to anyone too many times, especially since so much of the conversation would involve WordPress and most such groups wouldn’t have such context readily available.

    I have also talked about it publicly at WordCamps in India. Partly, because I feel some of us have to try and break the stigma and shame associated with it and partly, because in a selfish way, I thought I’d be able to meet others like me.

    A couple of people did reach out to me privately, but it’s difficult to have a sustained conversation or find empathy or support in this part of the world, where depression is equated with grief and/or a sign of personal weakness.

    Even though I thought about doing something like this a couple of times, depression just eats into your personal and professional life and regularly gets into a very dark space where it’s very difficult to see any light and have any confidence. I’m going to get in touch with them right away and see if I can help in any way possible.

    I’d also like to thank WPTavern and especially you, Jeff, for regularly taking the conversation to even the fringes. If not for you, I’d never find out about such things in my corner of the world.


  2. Iva

    Saurabh – your story is so striking. And that’s one different culture. Here, they would just tell you to think positively, believe that it would be better and yadda yadda. One thing that I know is that more people admitting it = less stigma associated to it, but it sounds like it’s far harder to come up front and say that you’re depressed where you are. So…support for you. :) All support in the world!

    And I fully support this entire initiative. I wouldn’t have known it hadn’t there been for this website, either; and I get most of my WP news from here, so thank you, Jeff, as well.

    I can see that there’s only one story posted on the Hugs’ blog, hope that there will be more soon. Including those by people who are not suicidal, but suffer from insomnia, general feeling that things won’t be going right, that nothing is coming their way, emptiness etc.


  3. Lauren

    As someone who is currently struggling with several mental illnesses and is also a survivor of several suicide attempts, I can relate to your story. People need to be more aware of mental health issues as there is so much stigma around it, so thank you for writing this and raising awareness. Good luck to you :)


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