1. Jan Reilink

    Congrats Balkhi!

    As a proof of concept, I created a tiny plugin years ago that overloads the `wp_mail()` function in `pluggable.php`. It takes its configuration from `wp-config.php` settings, as I didn’t want my SMTP credentials to be stored in the MySQL database wp_options table (that was the proof of concept).

    Here’s the write-up and link to my WordPress enhancement proposal on Trac:



  2. Guido Walter Pettinari

    I didn’t know that the guy behind WPForms is the same of OptinMonster, Envira Gallery and Monster Insight… I’ve checked the bio of Syed Balkhi (https://syedbalkhi.com/about/) and it’s quite impressive – especially its age, 25. Congratulations to him!

    More on topic: SMTP is a must for a modern website, but to avoid the antispam filters you also need DNS control in order to setup SPF, DKIM and DMARC records. Alas, no WordPress plugin can do that for you…


    • Peter

      “Modern” website should use API, not SMTP :) There are many advantages of using API instead of SMTP. SMTP belongs to the
      Company with FTP and HTTP1.1


  3. Gagan

    That’s interesting hopefully it will be more useful now.


  4. Jeffrey

    I have been using WP Mail SMTP for a while because I am on a Windows platform and the built-in mail function does not work well for me. The plug-in is simple and easy to use and works perfectly for me.


  5. Viktor

    If you like a one-liner configuration in wp-config try


  6. Peter

    History repeat itself :) People are sold again.
    Good luck.


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