1. pitou31

    Hi Sarah,

    This script is not so new, it has been published in 25/08/2012. on Geek.
    Have a nice day.


  2. Mark Szymanski

    Just tried this out and… wow. Awesome tool. Thanks a bunch, really speeds up the flow when you start your site with a handful of plugins.


  3. Pitou31

    I just try to install WordPress using this script.
    Unfortunately I get the following error messge :
    “Error Establishing a Database Connection.”
    It seems that the script doesn’t accept that on a server the database already exists, which is, for different reason, the case on the demo server I am using (I amm not allowed to create my own database, a set of databases are already created).
    Please could you confirm my assumption and if it is the case does the script could be adapted ?
    Thank you for your reply.


  4. Jean-Baptiste

    Can you send me an email to jeanbaptiste@wp-rocket.me?
    Thank’s :)


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