1. Darlan ten Caten

    Amazing! The WP Dashboard was reinvented with that. Huge value for collaboration in WP back-end!


  2. madrael

    I use Keep all of the time and was excited to try a “Keep” type plugin for WordPress. It’s an excellent plugin and one I may use in the future. However, I prefer a notepad that I can use anywhere on the back end not just the dashboard. I use a very simple program called WordPress Admin Notepad for that exact reason.


  3. Dinesh

    Wow this looks like an amazing plugin. I have been using Google Keep apps to sync and manage data on my smartphone and laptop, The interface is amazing and it is easy to use. And now with WP Dashboard plugin which will make the WP dashboard look like Google keep, using WordPress dashboard will become more colorful.


  4. Terence Milbourn

    Now what would be really neat is if WP Dashboard Notes synced with Google Notes so that the notes you create and share on WP were there on your desktop too.


  5. Jeroen

    Hi All, Jeroen here, creator the plugin.

    Thanks for all for the nice replies!

    @terence, That sounds cool!
    Can’t say if thats even possible or that it will be an option that will be added to WP Dashboard Notes, but I will take in in consideration!



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