1. Melson

    This looks very useful. Usually I create a snapshot in Duplicator and copy the whole site over, but that takes at least a few minutes. With this plugin, copying just a couple of options from one install to the other should be easy.

    I will also check out the author’s custom fields plugin, which I hadn’t heard of before.


    • Philip

      Custom Field Suite is a great tool. You can really expand WordPress with this plugin. Matt makes great plugins and I will definitely check his new CFM plugin out. He gives so much to the community.


  2. Kampiamo DiKuesto

    but what for the other database tab? i read about this plugin:

    “WP-CFM will be handy if you assume all your configuration settings are in the options table, in very simple key value pairs.This assumption is risky, I’ve seen so many plugin developers build their plugin to save settings in all kinds of ways that I can’t safely assume that config will actually be in the options table.”


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