1. Miroslav Glavić

    I seriously love the in-person events. However…with the whole online events thing…I think WordCamp Central, Automattic, whatever else…should “sponsor” the online sessions…Pay for the broadcasting/streaming.

    No need to send a bunch of cameras around from WordCamp to WordCamp. Since there are no physical swag bags or t-shirts. A lot of the money should be spend on paying for the broadcasting/streaming.

    Zoom, Skype, whatever else.


  2. Jacob Jack

    A great decision for the well-being of all the participants!


  3. Lorrie

    I think it would also be great to host simultaneous conferences that focus on specific issue platforms such as updating the content and design of websites at work, creating web content for work websites with established corporate templates, understanding Pages better for functional updates…many people need something comprehensive and only need to understand a few tweeks here and there for their work but would get lost and overwhelmed in a conference that focuses on multiple things from a macro perspective. I would call it WordCamp Work Functions – All things to know for those maintaining and updating their department webpage.


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