1. Justin Tadlock

    Thanks for posting this and getting the word out, Sarah. This is one huge step toward full automation. Now, we need folks with mad regex skills to help turn these guidelines into checks for the Theme Check plugin.

    Other than the long-term goal of automation, these checks are good for the short term too. Getting those checks in will mean that reviewers will not have to manually perform them, making the current review process quicker.


  2. Thanh Luu

    I’m also convert the checklist of WordPress theme review as a document file that you may want to check: https://github.com/thanhluu/wp-themes-review


  3. Jeffrey

    Good job!


  4. Sebastien Dumont

    I’m a little shocked by the first paragraph. While we wait for the automating review process are there any tips anyone can share to get a theme reviewed and approved quicker?


    • Ulrich

      There are a few reasons for the long wait times.
      – The first being the number of people doing reviews. The more reviewers we have the more themes can be reviewed at one time.
      – Secondly is the quality of the themes submitted. If we could just approve every theme that is submitted then we would be a lot faster. For some themes it take multiple reviews for them to be ready to be approved.
      – Sometimes both theme reviewers and theme authors are not able to give an update within a couple of days and this drags the review time out. It is understandable that people have the responsibilities other then contributing.

      There are a few things that you can do to help speed it up.
      – Help review themes
      – Make sure your theme is near perfect and you understand all of the requirments. Perhaps ask a friend to look at your theme.
      – Help with writing the automation checks. This is a great time to start learning regex. There are great online tools that help you like https://regex101.com/


  5. Peter Cralen

    Maybe full functional themes, without additional “upgrade pro” could be prioritized in that queue.
    I thing, the theme directory is still not a commercial directory, so noncommercial themes should be prioritized by review’s team. Possibly even in search results too.


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