1. Joan Boluda

    Great plugin! Very intuitive and easy to set up. Thanks for sharing, Sarah!


  2. Chinoms

    Thank you, Sarah. I’ve been searching everywhere for something like this – or, rather, this plugin. I set up a forum Website using bbPress and some mobile users could not see the login/ registration widget. I think this would be of help.


  3. Marcus L Tibesar

    Very useful plugin which enhances our site’s security. Might be my imagination but, it seemed to slow our page refresh rates a bit. Thank you for the great post.


  4. rbadtke

    this there a plugin thats just like this but instead of roles it does it for specific users. I plan on having 30 or more users and they will have there own login and there own pages.


  5. tymciom

    Is there possibity to make this plugin workign with protected pages or password protected website (instead of user levels) ?


  6. pipolionheart

    i want to give my client access only to the ecommerce area. So he can make all the changes whenever they want. But with no access to the whole website. is this the plugin i need ? o can anyone help me ?


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