1. Tom McFarlin

    Thanks so much for the coverage of this, Sarah. I really appreciate it!


  2. Thomas

    Awesome job Tom! Again you never cease to amaze me and teach me something new. When you told me you were planning a massive rewrite I didn’t think it was going to be like this. Even better than before amigo


  3. Sky4git

    Wonderful, This one get me started writing a new plugin.


  4. Allan Paul Casilum

    Great job Tom, im a fan of your boilerplate since v2


  5. Chris

    Hi Tom – thanks for the leg up! We are trying to improve the way we implement plugins and this is a great learning resource.

    One question – what is the most appropriate way to implement template tags (methods called in the theme)?

    Currently we have a template-tags.php which we include in the load_dependencies method in the main plugin file. We were unsure whether the intent of Boilerplate was to have all these methods in the plugin_public.php. I note that Custom Field Suite uses a public method to return a singleton instance to the controller so you can call CFS()->method_name()

    What’s considered best practice here?


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