1. My Honest Feedback

    I remember MySpace and Facebook were having a nice marketshare for a long time, as long as Firefox, Windows and the rest. Now that TikTok surpsases Instagram, I am sure it is critical time for WordPress to implement Gutenberg right. If I was responsible I would ensure it serves the general public a consistent experience by aligning the design of WP dashboard, Gutenberg & Full Site editor to have one design language. Find a way for the WP.org repository to allow paid themes and plugins and handle payments as in-app purchases and subscriptions. Also simplify the whole management of the open source project which is a terrible mess. Hear my word, sooner or later something faster, better, running on JamStack would come up and tons of people would jump the ship. Be warned!


  2. Greg O'Donoghue

    a very well written article , wording is always superb , I enjiy reading Sarah’s & Justin’s updates of the progress of WordPress, current trends , and particularly when they find a real gem of a Theme , they share there success,

    thanks, Greg , from Ireland


  3. DJ Johnny Medley

    Looks like RollingStone is now on WordPress VIP, as opposed to being self-hosted. :)



  4. Tro

    This shows that despite all the naysayers from the Node and Python cults who insist that “PHP is dead”, PHP is the most popular server-side scripting language in the world and is getting EVEN MORE popular as time goes by.

    Stefan Mischook’s video comes to mind.


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