1. Andrea Middleton

    If you want to contribute to the conversation about WordPress.org profiles, head over to http://make.wordpress.org/community/2014/02/25/profiles-how-do-you-use-them-or-want-to/ and comment. :)


  2. Jeff Chandler

    This is great news. Especially looking forward to the eventual merging of both the WordPress.org profiles with the forum profiles. They are a source of confusion for me.


  3. Syed Balkhi

    I love this idea. Great news and I’m glad that it’s finally happening. I remember discussing this back at the community summit.


  4. Scott Hack

    At one time I remember there was something cooking about placing our locations on our profiles so that when an event was going on, a search could be ran and those people could be notified. Anyone else remember that?


    • Jeff Chandler

      I’ve done a few searches but can’t recall ever hearing or reading about that. However, it’s interesting you bring that up since one of the things I’d like to see in the Profile revamp is the location data made more useful. Here is my idea:

      I’d like to see the Location data in profiles be put to good use. Right now, there is no easy way to find out how many WordPress people are in my area without doing some sort of grassroots effort to figure it out. It would be cool if in the future, I could create a group on .org and add people to it that are in my geographical area based on the location data in their profile.

      It looks like they may get rid of the map and just replace it with text but it would be cool to perform a search on WordPress.org to see who is near me.


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