WordPress.org Is A Custom Web Hosting Provider?

While browsing through my feedreader this morning, I had a chance to read a bunch of the feedback related to the 2.0.x legacy branch of WordPress being retired. However, one site I came across which I’ve seen many times before in my feedreader, Globalgold.co.uk published a hilarious press release of sorts.

Custom web hosting provider WordPress has announced the retirement of one of its software packages.

In a blog on the company website

Ok, I don’t need to go into details reminding people that WordPress.org is not a web hosting provider and that WordPress.org has a development blog for the software, not a company do I? Oh wait, I just did.

6 responses to “WordPress.org Is A Custom Web Hosting Provider?”

  1. I also used a WordPress as a platform for my website and honestly very satisfied with a solution I have. Its CMS is great and very convenient. In addition, WordPress blogs are easily customized.


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