1. David McCan

    Thanks, Sarah. I agree that we need more feedback from a broad range of users. It seems difficult to get feedback from those who are using WordPress but not actively following developments. Putting out a call for input probably won’t be sufficient.

    So, maybe using people who interact with lots of users in the various segments would provide a proxy. It should be possible for the Guttenberg team to reach out to people who are training new users and others who work extensively with designers, for example, to get input.


  2. Cody

    A new editor is very exciting news as little has changed in cms and editors since fkeditor… and that was a long time ago. I think I’ll just go on over and give it a test run.


  3. Morten Rand-Hendriksen

    I’ll go one step further and say Gutenberg needs to be surfaced as a beta feature to all WordPress users through an admin widget with an easy in-app method for providing feedback. This is standard practice in large software applications, usually marketed as “Try the next version of…” or similar.

    Gutenberg is a breaking change both on the UX side and the code side and every WordPress user needs to be made aware of it and enabled to provide feedback about how it impacts their work.

    In addition, we should actively engage UX, IxD, Content Strategy, accessibility, and other subject matter experts outside the WordPress island and request feedback. Projects like ours suffer from a lack of independent analysis, and Gutenberg is so significant a change that not seeking this input would be irresponsible. In my opinion.


    • Michael

      I definitely agree with this. The current feedback and decision process is focusing too much on developers and people who are familiar with core development or active in the WP community.

      It’s crucial to get end users on board. They are the ones who need to use Gutenberg on a daily basis once it’s in core, without even being aware of it at the moment. I already suggested in a blog post a few days ago that Gutenberg feedback needs to be gathered from the WP dashboard.

      In addition, today we sent a newsletter to 8,431 subscribers asking for testing and feedback on Gutenberg. Most of these folks are end users and hopefully they will provide valuable feedback to the developers, from a user’s point of view.


    • Neil Murray

      @Morten Rand-Hendriksen – you should add this idea at https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues


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