1. Brandon

    The automatic update on core theme and core plugin is what I am looking for. Well done team!


  2. Rod Olman

    Will LGBT get a turn?


  3. Abdullah Prem

    It would be amazing if the wordpress built it’s own site builder like elementor and divi. So we don’t want to pay for third party tools.


  4. William Patton

    I for one am excited by this. There are woman I know in the community who deserve to be recognised. There are woman who are in the community but remain silent. There are woman in the community who speak but go unheard. There are woman that have not yet been welcomed to the community.

    Now is the time we change that. I am ready to follow their lead and excited what this can make happen.

    An all woman release squad will put WP is a very unique position in the tech world. It can be the encouraging factor for others to follow. We should not stand in the way of it happening – we should encourage it.


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