1. Daniel D'Alonzo

    I see you everywhere, Sarah :)

    I just found the Front-end Editor last night. It’s really impressive. I want to get involved in development/UI but I missed the chat today.

    Is there anyone out there who can connect me with the team?



  2. Kraft

    You can ping me on Skype at kraftbj and mention the Front-End Editor too. I’ll add you to the chat.


  3. Joan

    Wow, awesome improvements, and it’s quite stable! I’ll use it in a very simple blog I run. Do you really think it can be added in the core this year?


  4. This Week In WordPress: Jan 27, 2014 - Max Foundry

    […] WordPress Front-End Editor Plugin – Major Updates […]


  5. Alex

    Anyone seen Designer (http://skythemes.com/designer)? It’s another free front end editing plugin that’s similar, but does it a little bit differently.


  6. soycaballero

    When is a Front end editor going to do an end-around from the locked in Wp Admin Dashboard needed to administer every single WordPress plugin?

    I have a commercial WP plugin that generates availability calendars and inquiry or booking forms for each post that is a “rental” type.

    Each website registered User with Author role has to use the Calendar (like all WP plugins) from the core WP Admin dashboard. The Admin has his or her own master menu and options and settings to first set up this Calendar plugin.

    After that is done then the USERS get their own Sub-menu of options and settings so that they can create, name, save calendar settings, and even respond to Booking inquiries.

    But all of these back end settings and options for such a plugin are confined to the Wp Admin dashboard. WordPress plugin back end functions, as far as I know to this date, cannot be administered from Front End forms, templates, or even with the current state of “Front End” plugins.

    The WP rental theme I am using converts the site into a Self-Registered User mode. Each User can create, modify, delete their own Rentals postings.

    But because everyone in WP Developer’s themes has switched to custom front end forms and templates for the User Interface there is no way to use such a Calendar plugin.

    There is a big disconnect between the 100% trend to direct Users away from the core WP Admin and the fact that Plugin installations are locked into one place for Administration.

    WP CORE should allow a plugin with User Options and Settings (for non Admin roles) to operate equally well in the Wp Admin dashboard or to put that same back end settings functionality into any theme template.

    In other words, the User will see in their Front End post administration form the same sub menu options for an installed plugin as they would see in the Wp Admin Dashboard.


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