1. George

    The reason why I stopped using it in the past is because images would display upside down. I’ll probably give this a whirl.


  2. Connor Rickett

    Nice. Still not as pretty as the version on my Android, but not bad! ;)

    Actually, because of this article, I just pulled out the app on my Android to see how it looks comparatively–because it used to be terrible–and it flies and looks great now. Clearly the WordPress mobile folks have been holding various noses to the grindstone lately, good on ’em!


  3. Cedric

    Still no support for CPT ?


  4. Paul Shryock

    I noticed that it now allows pages to be viewed, instead of only showing pages that were created in the app. That’s great. Same for posts—it shows all posts instead of just posts created within the app, like it used to.


  5. Josh

    I think you mean “iOS 8.3”
    iOS 5.3 was released in early 2012, after the late 2011 release of iOS 5.0


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