WordPress For Android Gets a Major Update

The WordPress Android app received some significant updates this week, making it easier than ever to post on the go. As a long time Android user, I’ve seen the app go through many different stages. This update brings the most beautiful mobile experience to Android users so far.

More Robust Support for Media Handling


One of the most exciting updates included in this release is improved support for media. You can now access any of the files in your media library and edit title, description and caption for any item. When blogging on the go, chances are high that you’ll be including images and/or video. The app now provides a much smoother experience for uploading photos and videos from your device to the media library.

The gallery support in this release blows me away. Creating tiled galleries is as simple as using a long-press to select multiple media items and then tapping the gallery button to create a new gallery. The app now lets you choose a gallery style and even reorder images with drag and drop.

Stats Revamped with Faster, Native Support

statsWordPress for Android now includes native support for viewing stats. Users obsessed with their stats will be delighted to find that they load up faster than ever before. Status support includes all the vital information:

  • Visitors and Views
  • Totals, Followers & Shares
  • Clicks
  • Referrers
  • Search Engine Terms

Full stats are still available by tapping “View full site” in the overflow menu.

Protect Content With the New PIN Lock Feature

The app now includes a new item in the settings menu where users can enable a PIN lock. This helps you to protect your content from any random Joe who might get access to your phone. If you enable this feature, you’ll be prompted for your PIN to unlock the app.

Another very cool thing about PIN lock is that Automattic has made the code open source and available on github. Developers can drop this same functionality into another app if desired.

Coming Soon: A Native WordPress Reader

Another big update is in the works. The team hinted at what you can expect in the future from WordPress for Android:

Expect another big update soon that adds a native WordPress.com Reader, as well as a revamped welcome and blog setup experience.

Android users, go check out those updates if your app hasn’t already prompted you for it. More robust support for media has me feeling more inclined to blog via mobile. How are other android users liking this update? What’s on your wishlist for the WordPress for Android app?


4 responses to “WordPress For Android Gets a Major Update”

  1. Ever since I installed a two-step authentication plugin, I’ve been unable to use this app. Which is unfortunate. I’d rather suffer the inconvenience of not having this Android app in stead of giving up an extra layer of security. What’s your take on this, Sarah?

  2. @Stijn Vogels – That sounds like it’s a problem with the plugin not being compatible with the app. I don’t share those same security concerns, especially when it comes to personal blogging, which I’m more inclined to do via mobile. A strong password and frequent WordPress updates do the trick for me. But if you really need a two-step authentication plugin, you may ask the developer if he can make his plugin compatible with the app.

  3. i love the recent update to the android app, it makes blogging via mobile extremely easy but on thing am constantly looking to do is how to fill in yoast seo credentials (Focus keyword, Seo title and meta data) while blogging via mobile.


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