1. fwolf

    One wonders though .. Is it just because someone finally thought: “Ugh! PHP 5.4 is pretty dang outdated, lets allow the peasants their plea … *clickety-click* et voila!” .. or is there more behind it?

    cu, w0lf.

    ps: Hint: CP was released as stable 1.0 release just a few weeks ago. Its minimum PHP version is 5.6. But probably just a coincidence ..


  2. Gamanuel Fleurmond

    About dang time! A lot of nice stuff in higher versions of PHP I can use now


  3. Ciprian

    This is definitely not true. Just by deleting several lines, doesn’t remove all PHP 5.2-5.5 code from the core.


  4. Ant Ekşiler

    Minimum required should be PHP 7.0+ We ask all our customers to move onto 7.2 if they are able.


  5. Chris Howard

    Yes, about time! WP should show stronger leadership. They more than any other organisation have the power to move websites and development away from old insecure technology.

    “Steamrolling this requirement has not been the WordPress way…”

    Ironic tho they were totally happy to steamroll over the WordPress community who clearly didn’t want Gutenberg by default. And still don’t, with the Classic Editor fast approaching the most active installations among WP/Automattic’s own plugins.


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