1. Michael Eisenwasser

    Very cool. TinyMCE leaves some room for improvement in my opinion, so nice to see it making progress.


  2. Lester Chan

    Need to find a good font icon!

    EDIT: Found https://github.com/FortAwesome/Font-Awesome/


  3. Piet

    It’s exciting to know these things early and be involved in the process.
    I saw Andrew’s post over the weekend and immediately had checked for one of my plugins. Turns out there is a little bug with the tooltips that are added, so I could immediately open a ticket on Trac.
    Basically no excuse for plugin developers who wait until after April 15 (release date of WP 3.9) to see whether or not their plugin still does what it says on the label…


  4. Shapeshifter 3

    I might be wrong, but I think the image of the editor displayed above is the old version of TinyMCE. The new one looks different on the homepage: http://www.tinymce.com/. Because of that, I’ve been wondering if the new version has actually been offered to the general public through the Automatic Updates of the Beta Version, or will come in the future.


    • Piet

      It’s not entirely clear from the posts on the subject, but it has been added to Core as in development version. If you go to trunk via either SVN or Git, you will notice that it has been added. From WordPress 3.9 onwards the rest of the world will have the pleasure to see it too :)


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  6. Sean Corey

    Great post – thank you!

    I’ve got a WordPress plugin which adds a button to the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor.

    In WordPress 3.9-Alpha the button no longer displays and it prevents the rest of the WYSIWYG buttons from displaying.

    Does anyone have some advice about where might be the best place to start looking in the plugins code to make it play nicely with the new version of TinyMCE?

    I greatly appreciate it.

    Cheers :)


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