1. Calum Childs

    I do think FLoC is a threat, but I think it should be up to the site owner to choose (maybe put a opt-out checkbox in Settings > Privacy?) and it shouldn’t be rolled out as a security release.


  2. Sally G

    It is 2 a.m. here and I should be sleeping. I am a user that works on a few WP sites, very limited knowledge. I do not have a Google account because of its data-mining, cancelled my Amazon account a decade ago when they blocked WikiLeaks. What does this mean for me? I want to opt out of any sort of advertising/profiling that I can, will it be easy for me to do that both as a reader and as someone maintaining and doing limited design work in WordPress?

    When is Congress going to get serious about antitrust with the Big Tech companies?


    • Guillaume Hamel

      In any way, shape or form, this is not something that should be “managed” by WordPress as a tool.

      This is something that you, as a user, need to do, by doing choices that are in line with your beliefs and convictions.

      If you do not use Chrome, then you are not affected by that.


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