1. Miroslav Glavic

    Australia, New Zealand and to a point Taiwan………are isolated islands.

    I, someone who lives in Toronto, Canada…can fly to Beijing, I have land access to the rest of Asia, Africa and Europe.

    It is more difficult for outsiders to reach Australia and New Zealand. Coming from Canada it would take me 18-24 hours depending if I go via LAX/HAWAII or via Japan/China/Korea/Philippines.

    Local meetups and WordCamps haven’t been really local in such a long time.

    If we want to keep things safe, at least for the beginning…It should be locals who present at local meetup groups. Like at WordPress Meetup Group Toronto, it should be someone from the Toronto area. Same for WordCamp Toronto, not someone from Buffalo, Chicago, Rochester or even Ottawa.


    Same thing for every other local meetup group and wordcamp.

    Obviously this wouldn’t apply to WCUS WCEU WCASIA.

    Also, we should avoid WCUS/EU/ASIA for at least a year or two and just do WC (CITY).

    The regional events tend to have way more people. Let’s keep numbers slightly lower for a while. At least for 2021 and 2022.


  2. Denis Žoljom

    Maybe it would be cool if somebody from the systems team at .org creates a page that will pull information from public APIs with information about infection rates etc. and distill them into the above checklist.

    Data is available, all that would be needed was to create a page where you could enter your country (or select it from a dropdown), and you would get a list:

    Is your country’s (or state’s) average positivity rate over the past 28 days under 4%? ✅
    In the past 28 days, has your country or area’s basic reproduction number stayed under 1? ✅
    In the past 14 days, have there been under 50 new cases per 100,000 people reported? ❌

    Something like this. That would make the lives of the meetup organizers a lot easier.


    • Dion Hulse

      While the information is available for many localities, WordPress.org can’t actively verify the data is accurate for every country, and not every country has it in the same formats. Some countries the information will vary state-by-state as well.

      Sometimes computers are not the answer, and human vetting is more effective. If a local group felt that it were safe within their city/state/country to run an in-person event, they’re the best person to source their local health organisations numbers and keep up to date with the ever changing situation and restrictions.

      Since my comments on the original post, Australia has had a few quarantine breaches, which would have meant that locally (in my state) we’d not have been able to safely run a meetup in January, but in December last year or February next month might be okay again.


  3. Norman Freeman

    I think the UK is the best place to organize the first post covid-19 Community gathering given it is the first country that has started vaccinating.

    Also, covid-19 sounds dumb when we have covid-20 (is it covid-20 or covid-21) around the corner.

    Please stay home one more year, we can do this online, please I beg the WP community, let’s not contribute to making it worse.


    • M

      Not sure about the UK but I second the rest.
      For some reason my comment from the other day wasn’t published (either because of a bad connexion over here or it got lost in moderation) but please let’s all be patient and reassess the situation mid-spring.


  4. Kunle Wise

    It’s good idea but I’m not sure if WordPress can get and manage the actual numbers and not just a proposed numbers


  5. Phil v. Sassen

    In Germany, there are no signs of an improvement in the overall situation. The problem is currently worsening, although the first vaccinations are being carried out.

    Due to the federal division of Germany into 16 states, there is unfortunately no uniform approach to Corona at present. The situation is difficult to assess in terms of the risk of infection as well as the legal situation.

    There are currently no signs of an improvement in the situation. Even if I personally wish the situation would be different, I do not see a way to make presence events happen.

    Take care!

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