1. JenT

    I already left my 2¢ on the WPcom News Blog. It’s distracting, it interferes with our site layouts and as far as editing, that’s what the New Dash is all about. We’re being redirected more and more to the New Dash. For someone who still prefers working with the Classic Editor interface, it’s getting even harder to do so. Carry it further, even the WPcom Support docs are doubled up to include both interfaces. Well, that ended up being my 5¢ worth. :)


  2. Kaspars

    there are now four different ways to edit a post. How many roads are necessary to reach the same destination?

    Exactly. I’m not sure why this isn’t in the “admin bar” which is visible on all WP.com connected sites (for logged-in users) and already has a link to the Reader.


  3. Bigwas

    Do not include that feature in the jetpack plugin please…


  4. Ryan Hellyer

    WordPress.com is already more confusing for users than competing platforms. Adding more crap to it will just make this problem worse IMO.


  5. Brian



  6. Sheri

    However, it doesn’t work for WordPress.com specific sites like The Daily Post.

    Thanks for catching this! The “get theme” link should only appear for themes available to everyone on WordPress.com—it has been fixed for sites like The Daily Post.

    On the edit link, more changes for the toolbar coming that will streamline the number of links to edit.


  7. Steve Media

    neat idea – but the execution.. first thought as a user is when I see that “+ follow …” – I am going to think that is another “share this / add to any (privacy stealing, please promote us on third party begging buttons) – aside from my issues with that, my point is that I would have no idea there are cool powers in the “…” portion of the button.
    I’d be annoyed if it covered up important info from the layout / design..

    It would be better ux to have the button perhaps slip with a vertical separator to show that it’s really three different buttons?

    as a wordpress publisher however I think the best ux would be to put it in the admin bar and get it off the screen that way.. separate the functions..

    reminds me of the hamburger menu debate to some degree.. useful functions hidden behind something non-descript – likely rarely used..

    like the idea of more power / info available from the front end without having to right click view source… think the actual button itself is not as descriptive as it could be.. and more descriptive may make it too obtrusive for the bottom right of screen… so leads me back to admin bar might be better..

    perhaps have the admin bar animate to highlight newly available info when on a page that can provide extra available details like “get this theme” – shown with a hover would get used on my end.


  8. Ranan

    Terrible idea. Feels like an itch on the elbow.


  9. Jonathan Lehrer

    I’m not a fan of hiding features until they’re needed. Let’s see, if the WP team designed a car…

    The rearview mirror appears only when there is a car behind you. If the transmission is in “park,” the options for “drive” and “reverse” don’t appear until you start moving the gearshift. Only when you approach an intersection does the turn signal lever appear.

    And the power button for the radio is available only when (if?) something good is on the air.

    How would you explain all of this to a new driver?


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