1. David de Boer (@davdebcom)

    I think it’s a great start! Yes, there is a focus on photo’s in this one, but I’ll bet you a beer it won’t be the focus of the next one :-) And photos are a big part of live & what people share online, so it’s not entirely strange.


    • Jeff Chandler

      Well, not entirely strange but considering everything that WordPress.com makes possible, the focus on images is strange to me. There is also the line of thought that WordPress.com and Automattic is going mobile first for everything and this short video is a nod to that. However, I don’t think desktops, notebooks, or other devices are dead and it would have been nice to see a video that gives them a nod as well. Like I said, mobile usage is through the roof and growing globally but WordPress.com has so much more to offer than just photo publishing. That’s what I want to see in a WordPress.com commercial.


  2. Brenda

    Yeah, um, I don’t get it. The connection between photos being snapped by an Iphone and WordPress.com is just not made. Maybe more than 15 seconds is needed to fully connect it all. I guess this works as a teaser, if it is swiftly followed up by more details.


  3. Carl Hancock

    This is a bit of a new comment and a reply to Jeff’s comment above…

    Mobile is definitely an important market that WordPress.com and Automattic need to be playing in, but the idea of a total mobile first approach is a bit out of line with how most people use WordPress.com and WordPress itself for… content.

    Sure mobile devices are a component of that but if the future of WordPress.com is primarily mobile driven I fear for the future of content.

    Why? Because the last device I want to use to create really good content beyond simply posting a beautiful photo would be my iPhone. The thought of writing long form content on my iPhone makes me cringe and ultimately I just wouldn’t do it.

    If the future of WordPress.com content is short form, which is what is ideal for creating on mobile devices, than i’m not sure that is a good thing.

    The mobile apps are absolutely important but I don’t think what WordPress and WordPress.com does is something that should be looked at as being driven by mobile first. It should be one component of many.

    I don’t know about you but some of the best content I read regularly is long form content and it’s not something that lends itself well to tapping it out on your mobile phone.

    I do like how the WordPress app is evolving though. It’s coming a long way and i’m sure it will continue to get better. But WordPress is a platform that is much bigger than mobile.

    As for the videos, I agree that it makes WordPress.com look like it’s Instagram. The SquareSpace video is brilliant. They did have the advantage of it running a minute long, but even at a shorter length it gets the message across much better.


  4. Summer

    Jeff, I think your confusion is well founded.

    What message will people who never see all videos in the series be getting because of when or how often they visit those sites running them? Will it matter if they see them all, but don’t see them in order?

    Explaining the big picture is sometimes like explaining the joke… if you have to do it, then something’s missing.


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