1. mark k.

    And automattic people are surprised when anybody says that jetpack is bloated…. Guess it is just too hard to release such a thing as an importer plugin, you know the wordpress.org review process sucks so bad even @matt can’t release anything in reasonable time…


  2. Ahmed Awais

    Do they also have a WordPress to Mambo exporter?


  3. Danny Brown

    If Medium does go the way of the dodo, I’ll have mixed feelings about it.

    On the one hand, it’s core strength has always been its front-end editing system. That, and the core focus on content – single column, clean typography, no glaring pop-ups before you’ve even read the content – made it great for content creators.

    That being said, it lost its way as it started to feed typical link-bait BS to the top, and interesting voices were being lost.

    As shown with Blogger and Twitter, and now Medium, Ev is great at getting funding for projects, but lacks business acumen when it comes to monetizing them.


  4. Ramon Guera

    Medium is a stripped down and beautiful blogging platform. The editor looks elegant and clutter-free. What troubles me the most is the fact that Medium leaves little or no control for the blogger on their blog. The blogs using Medium ( like bullshitist and the ringer) are elegant-looking blogs.
    I am aware of the fact that WordPress has themes that look good but its just that I’ve invested enough while creating a blog over at Medium. I can in no way invest more on purchasing a theme. Yes, I bought a hosting and domain already knowing that WordPress is the future but I will miss the minimalism,community and elegance.

    This is what I plan to achieve: Have a blog with minimal featured images and content to the left with a sidebar to the right. Plus, something that can help the readers know that the blog is a personal curation of all the articles the author has ever written ( even on different blogs)

    How do I achieve that “personal curation” touch? Please help a new wordpresser out.


  5. Trent Lapinski

    I don’t think Medium is going anywhere. Just because they backed off their previous monetization strategy they can easily go raise more money with their traction, and find a better model.

    Anyhow, Medium has a much stronger following community then anything I’ve ever experienced with WordPress. For example, I had an article go viral on Medium, and it was viewed over 9 million times.

    Granted, I gave up on WordPress.com a while ago, I don’t believe the capacity to reach that many people is available. WordPress.com lacks promotion and community outreach functionality and capacity, and doesn’t seem to have any curated or algorithmic content matching (unless this stuff was added recently?).

    Medium does its best to match your content with readers who might be interested, and that simply has not been my experience with WordPress.

    What is also interesting about Medium is how it handles “responses” as unique sets of content to have a threaded public conversation. Essentially comments are equal posts types to the main article itself, and can be liked, shared, and generate their own traffic. This extra layer of communication and post type recognition blows WordPress commenting out of the water. Sometimes the “comments” or “responses” end up getting just as much traction as the original article. Something once again that can’t happen with WordPress.

    If WordPress wants to compete with Medium, they’re going to have to radically change their approach.


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