1. Ian Dunn

    Plugin devs should keep in mind that you can only store emojis in the database on MySQL 5.5 and above, unless you use workarounds like encoding them with base64

    See http://pento.net/2014/04/07/wordpress-and-utf-8/ and https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/27961 for more details.


  2. Stephen Cronin

    It’s a great move by Twitter, but it’s a pity they didn’t make the images GPL compatible. According to the licensing section of the GitHub repository:

    Code licensed under the MIT License: http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT
    Graphics licensed under CC-BY 4.0: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

    As previously discussed on the tavern, the CC licence (apart from CC0) means the emoji images can’t be included in a GPL plugin or theme.

    Fortunately, it looks like the images are served via Twitter’s servers, so from my reading of it, plugins and themes using Twemoji can remain 100% GPL. Still I wish they’d gone with a GPL compatible license for the images!


  3. Leo

    (Sorry if I am commenting twice as I didn’t see any info about my first comment)This is great news for wordpress.com users but when will this be added to Jetpack?
    Anyway, I’ve just posted a tutorial on how to add Twitter Emoji to self-hosted wordpress.org websites

    by making some tweaks. It also can be used in the comment. Here is the link if anyone interested



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