1. Guti

    Even if I am not a blocks heavy user I am now testing this first beta. Not looking bad.


  2. Mony

    Is it me or does WordPress will eventually oust WordPress builders?


  3. Slavi

    Tested the beta features and they look quite promising. I have managed to build a simple layout and everything looks excellent. Can’t wait for more features to be added.


  4. Segun Alalade

    These features are not looking bad at all. Soon, page builders will no longer be needed by anyone to design any king of pages in WordPress.


  5. Daniel

    Does anybody know how to get inline block styles working in the 5.8 beta? I see global styles inlined in the head but no individual block styles unless I keep Gutenberg active. Is this an opt-in feature or will it not be available in 5.8?


  6. Blessing Olarewaju

    I love the block editor and I hope that the bug with the page list block is fixed.


  7. Janessa

    I tested the beta version, quite interesting. I hope that there’ll be not many bugs in this version.


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