1. Here She Blogs

    Wow! I had no idea about this feature. I subscribed this sites newsletter and I must say everytime I read a post either visiting the site or in my mail itself, it adds value to my life.

    Learned a lot from these articles. I wasn’t aware of 80% of updates that I got to know from here.


  2. Diane Bourque

    This is so nice. Next time a client says that they cannot access their Dashboard because they forgot their password, this will certainly make it easier for administrators to lead them to that Dashboard. Thanks WordPress & Thanks WPTavern for another great post.


  3. David Anderson

    “Instead of having to instruct a user about where to go to click on the lost password link and follow the steps, this new feature lets administrators push a button in the admin to send the link.”

    This suggests a number of admins were having a failure of imagination: it’s always been possible for the admin to visit the login page and type in the user’s login, to send them the lost password email. So, this new feature really only means clicking a link in the admin instead of the front-end. Nice to have, but as I say, it was always possible.


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