1. Vio

    I remember how challenging it was a few years ago to go fully https. Now you can do it with a click. We’re definitely on the right path.


  2. Miroslav Glavic

    So the whole http –> https thing means I won’t have to use Really Simple SSL plugin?


  3. Trishan Mehta

    The biggest plus for me was the one click HTTPS upgrade. That’s one plugin less. Also the drag and drop blocks feature is a wonderful addition. This could be the start of the end of page builder plugins. Good going and big thumbs up to the team!


  4. Elte

    Does that mean embedding youtube link now doesn’t require lazy load plugin to ‘hack’ the page loading performance anymore?


  5. Ahsan Parwez

    The first WP release is definitely a good one with all those necessary updates to the core. I for one like the fact of expanding on lazy loading. It is a good way to cut down load times of the website and improve visitor experience, an important factor for the upcoming Google update.


  6. Mark Sabbatini

    I cannot get the auto upgrade to https to work (the site health screen does not how to the “Update your site to use https” button when I change the urls in the general settings). Is anyone else having that problem and has anyone figured out why and/or the solution?


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