1. Denis

    I really hope they add a modern UI for automatic updates, like a toggle or something, not only text, like it is right now.


    • Niall Flynn

      Should be this for about 10 features in the CMS at this stage, a settings/disable section would be lovely. The customizer, etc etc. WP comes way bloated now for what most folks need.


  2. Sjoerd

    Full-site editing will make WordPress so much easier to work with. Expect many users to switch from SAAS editors like Wix and Squarespace.


  3. David

    Please, Fix extreme guttenberg minimalism. It is what is maintaining thousands of people away from it. Things like not finding an easy way to add 2 or 3 columns or full block area easy way to drag and drop is killing every new piece of technology added to gutenberg


  4. Atul Host

    Lazy loading for iframe content is the best thing on this update.


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