1. M

    This is uber-awesome! The implementation is really nice. A big thank you to all the team behind the plugin and thank you to the 5.6 leads for green-lighting this.
    Why not integrate the Two-Factor feature plugin as well?


  2. Hamzah Ali

    If you see it has 2factor support https://wordpress.org/plugins/application-passwords/


  3. Dōvy Paukstys

    This has been missing for way too long. Game changer indeed.


  4. Evangelos Andrianopoulos

    Stephanis always leads the way! Great news!!


  5. Justin

    REST API responses on WordPress have quite a high latency as WordPress loads all core and theme files on every response. Is there anything in the roadmap to address this? Even on a cloud-hosted site requests suffer 2000-4000ms response time whereas


    • wzy

      This is the main reason why the WP REST API hasn’t taken off, especially for devs coming from other frameworks.


    • Boris

      In my experience from working with headless WordPress setups, a simple REST API request can take as little as ~80ms. But I work with customized WP installations using a minimal amount of plugins.


  6. Mahesh Waghmare

    We can use the application password without using actual user password.

    See the step by step practice guide of application password in URL https://maheshwaghmare.com/doc/application-passwords/


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