1. Universo.tech

    Gutenberg seems to be faster.

    However, I don’t find the full screen mode interesting by default.


  2. Nick

    “Improved Editor” …

    Let’s try this:

    Have the Toolbar on top
    Now Try to put a block, any block, inside a container, such as a Group, Cover, Columns, etc…

    Impossible, right?

    How is this an Improved Editor? Yes, things are getting better, but it’s 2 steps forward, 1 step backwards, and with dozens of contributors, nobody is seeing the obvious “craziness”? I reported this obvious bug on GitHub a month ago, and the initial response I got was that it was done on purpose (???), then it was tagged as a must have for WP 5.4, then they changed their minds, and we are left with this… So those of us who like having the toolbar on top, we have to change that behavior, just to move the blocks inside containers, and then switch back to having the Toolbar on top.

    Here is the reference I’m talking about: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/20078


    • Justin Tadlock

      Two steps forward and one step back is still one step forward. :)

      I’m not going to argue that everything is perfect with the block editor. It’s not — not by a long shot. However, I will argue that the editor in 5.4 is an improvement, on the whole, in comparison to 5.3.


    • Bud Kraus

      I’m with you Nick.

      How is anyone but a power user who has the toolbar docked to the top supposed to know that drag and drop is only available when the toolbar is not docked to the top?

      I ought to know. I could not figure it out and after a few frustrating days I found out by asking someone.

      This is progress?


  3. Paul Griffiths

    For those updating make sure you have PHP version 7.2 or higher running. Gutenberg definitely seems quicker but as always a number of commonly used plugins need updates. So maybe hold fire for a few days.


  4. Dinh Le Giang

    I come from Việt Nam. My customer like classic editor than Gutenberg. Because it’s easy to use for writing a post. Gutenberg is good for a page. It’s the same as a builder.
    I hope in 5.4 version keep classic editor.


    • David Do

      I’m also from Vietnam and my customers are happy to migrate from the basic editor to the Gutenberg editor, It’s like when the migration from Windows to MacOS is not going to get used to it, but it’s much more convenient. .


    • Lucid Gen

      I just saw the update notice this morning. Also wondering whether to update or not. Whether there is a mistake in the update or not.


      • Justin Tadlock

        It’s good practice to test any major updates against a staging site, regardless. This way, you can test for any breakage, particularly with your theme and plugin setup, before updating your live/production site. Other than the theme styling issues discussed in the post, which have been known for a while, I have not run into any problems with the update.


  5. Santos Guerra

    I have been using wordpress since version 2.5. When Gutemberg was announced, I was excited and looked forward to it. To this day I am still not convinced and I still use the classic editor.


    • Mihai

      Enable it on Blogs or articles only. Is great. It gives you a lot more functionality than the classic editor especially for those who don’t know how to code.


    • Justin Tadlock

      Can you describe some of the issues you’ve experienced or what you would like to see happen as the block editor progresses?

      I am kind of the opposite. I disliked the classic editor so much that I never used it other than to paste in what I wrote in an offline editor. I use the block editor a lot more today. There are still a few things I find frustrating from time to time, but many of the major issues for me have been fixed in the past year.

      I also use the Gutenberg plugin, which is usually several releases ahead of WordPress. The latest updates have some nice UI improvements over what you will see in WordPress 5.4.


      • Nick

        …”what you would like to see happen as the block editor progresses?”

        I love Gutenberg conditionally. I love it when used with my 51 custom made ACF Blocks, along some important plugins like the Editorsit, Getwid, etc… On it’s own, it’s near garbage in terms to what a page builder is supposed to do (more on this below). I can code and make my own blocks function exactly how I want them too, but have no control over other blocks, without some CSS hacks, like the core blocks. We need Gutenberg, or a third party plugin, like Editors kit for example to have some controls added universally on all blocks, such us:

        Max. width of a block.
        Paddings and Margins of a block

        I am keeping my list simple and not complicating things like animations, etc…

        The only way right now to have some sort of control in terms of max width, pad. and margins on blocks that do not have these features, is to create custom CSS classes for the blocks, and manually code the CSS in whatever I want to do. I can (and) do create and code these custom CSS classes manually, but how many people out there can do the same, including the so called professional web designers?


        • Justin Tadlock

          I think the OP is probably more interested in using it as a content editor as opposed to a page builder, at least based on what he said. Classic editor is not cut out to be a page builder either. I find the block editor to be a superior content editor.

          The block editor feels light years away from being a true page builder at this point. I think we’d agree on some of the things that need to happen in the more immediate future.

          Right now, full-width and wide-width theme support does not handle near enough max-width use cases. I also dislike that they are grouped with alignment classes. In design, I typically have a larger range of max-width classes. The current system needs to be re-thought.

          Padding and margin classes need to be available for themes to opt into. Currently, users are stuck with faux margin/padding using the spacer block, which is based on set pixels instead of theme-defined sizes. That’s one of the most irritating things to me right now.


  6. Xavier

    I loved the latest update, the best part is that the Gutenberg editor has gone even more compatible comparing it to the one when it was first released.


  7. Martin

    Since updating, I can’t edit any of my posts anymore and the following error occurs all the time: The editor has encountered an unexpected error.

    Installed Plugins: Yoast, Optimus, Cache Enabler.

    Recovery options do not work. Has anyone else encountered this issue?


  8. Giorgos Sarigiannidis

    “Radically simpler block styling. Negative margins and default padding are gone! Now you can style blocks the way you need them. And, a refactor got rid of four redundant wrapper divs.”

    For that alone, it already became my favorite update :)


  9. Stephen Vaughan

    I started using the block editor a little while ago on main projects and for the most part have been finding it an enjoyable experience, despite my initial scepticism a year ago. I have been testing the various iterations in the form of the Gutenberg plugin, so what’s in the WP5.4 version is a bit of a blur right now. I will say though is, the UI demonstrated in the latest version of the GB Plugin will be a big big improvement when it gets rolled into WordPress.


    • Justin Tadlock

      Yeah, I’m with you on the latest Gutenberg plugin UI. I wish it could’ve been rolled into WordPress 5.4. I’m running the plugin, but it’ll be nice when all WP users get to experience it.


    • Neil Murray

      It would be good to get many more people using the Gutenberg plugin to test more thoroughly the latest Gutenberg (G2) plugin UI. It’s a major change & does take a little getting used to. Much more use & general user feedback would likely help highlight the sort of issues explained by @Nick.


  10. Atul Host

    WordPress is becoming better day by day. I just upgraded my server with PHP 7.4 and I can already feel the noticeable performance.


  11. Jim

    Recently I updated my WordPress to 5.4 and it seems it a nice update. I didn’t do a detailed check, but it seems it’s working fine. Keep developing the Gutenberg Editor, because it is one of the most important parts of WordPress.


  12. Ahmed Musa

    I have the problem that when i want to use the Code Editor – i cannot switch to Fullscreen Mode. I can check it but it didn’t work. My Code Editor Window has the same size as the Visual Editor. I have noc possibility ti change the size – this sucks. Why i am forced to this size?? What is it good for?


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