1. Rene

    I am totally in love with that new feature “Fatal Error Protection”!

    “Why does my WordPress shows a white page?” is one of the most asked questions I’ll get from not so techy site owners.

    So this will lower the number of support requests we get from site owners.

    Another great step forward to make WordPress a more robust platform!

    I really welcome that.
    Congrats to all participants.

    Thank you, guys.


  2. Angie

    I like the email notification for errors but I’d like to be able to receive them as I’m the one doing site maintenance. Currently, only the email under Settings is getting the emails so my clients are resending them to me which is annoying when I’m already informed of the error or have to explain what’s happening…

    Not a fan of the Site Health percentage rating.


  3. Anh Tran

    PHP 5.6 requirement, site health and fatal error protection are totally great! They push the hosting environment to catch up the modern PHP stack and thus, let developers develop easier. Hat off to the team to make this possible!


  4. Sven

    Recovery Mode seemingly has flaws. If it is active and I try to activate a plugin within recovery mode – each plugin appears with a link to do so while in recovery mode -, then …. nothing happens. The plugin remains inactive.

    Another hint: if you follow PHP version recommendations and go for 7.3+ you are likely to receive errors in tests like wtih Query Monitor as code switches ending with “continue” are regarded faulty. It’s either “break” or “continue 2”, so plugin authors got some work to do.


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