1. Jeremiah Stillings

    “The maintenance release also includes the ability for hosts to offer a button to prompt their users to update PHP ahead of WordPress’ planned minimum PHP version bump in 5.2. The “Update PHP” notice can be filtered to change the recommended version. ”

    A good portion of the plug in’s require 7+ I understand why the stop at 5.2 but your still null voiding a great portion of the ecosystem.


  2. Stephen Vaughan

    The question has to be asked why comments are in by de fault. To compound this dangerous, leaving one open to the pitfalls of anwanted attack, going about turning comments off, is not that clear for new novice users coming to WordPress. Much of the UX of WordPress suffers from a labyrinthine sea of settings in hard to find places, if you don’t know where to find them and can be forgotten about.

    The status quo of this being acceptable seems to infect much of the software relating to WordPress.

    Before any one jumps up and down, it’s an issue that is common to a lot of other technology and just highlights that getting this stuff right is just not that easy, proving that we are still at the incunabula stage of the digital revolution, just like Gutenberg was back at the birth of the printing revolution.


  3. wanker

    Use container tabs on firefox to prevent such exploits.


  4. Peter

    I have thousands of those attackers attempt on my site, but I will never visit their site


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