1. John Rood

    Relieved it got pushed back. The 27th is almost as bad an idea, though. The fact that this was even contemplated shows how out of touch developers are with actual WP and Woo users. It’s something the powers that be (Automattic) need to get their heads around as WP matures. In the commercial development world, things are very quiet in November and December for good reason. Release schedule be damned … Stuff just has to work.


  2. Slava Abakumov

    This is the first time that I do hope, that WordPress will miss its release date (again).

    January will be so much better for everyone I can think of:
    – Gutenberg team (which works like crazy right now),
    – 2019 default theme team (which heavily relies on Gutenberg updates and is blocked by some of its issues),
    – regular users, that will get a more polished software.


  3. Bud

    I find it hard to believe that videos such as are present on this page and elsewhere on the Tavern are not accessible. Could we at least have audio to let us know what’s going on?


  4. Steven Gliebe

    I know not everyone is in the US but this to me is kind of like pushing it back just three days when considering how little gets done over the long Thanksgiving weekend and all that tends to surround Black Friday and Cyber Monday. January 22 would create some very nice breathing room all around and I’m guessing that’s pretty likely to happen. Hoping, anyway.

    It’s really nice to see how Twenty Nineteen handles Gutenberg. Things are coming together and that’s exciting.


  5. Calum Childs

    Just move it to January!! There’s no such thing as too much time with a project like this.


    • Milan Petrovic

      It would be great for that to happen, few months will help polish the new release, but with WordCamp US in December, from the PR point, it is better to have WP 5.0 released before the camp. From where I stand, this is the only reason to push for such unrealistic release schedule in the first place.


  6. Leonardo Gandini

    Yes nice, Gutenberg works with the ‘in house’ theme.. Yay!
    Just move it to January already and stop this ridicule dance.
    Also would be nice, from time to time, to hear WHAT ELSE WP5 will bring, other than this lovelyhatedterribleamazingfuturisticbutidontwantitnowormaybeyes thing called Gutenberg.


  7. Wil

    It’s a shame they didn’t push back until January 2019 which many businesses have been asking for.


  8. Julien Marchand

    The next targeted release day falls on the Tuesday after Cyber Monday, which should be a relief to anyone running a WordPress-powered e-commerce site

    There must be something I’m missing… This isn’t a forced upgrade on day 1…? One can surely take the decision to upgrade when it’s not mission critical, no?


  9. Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)

    I can’t wait to see the good things WordPress 5.0 has in stock for us!


  10. Ant Ekşiler

    Anyone worried can just use the ‘use_block_editor_for_post’ filter to disable it on WordPress 5.0


  11. Dave

    A major update during one of the busiest times for online businesses.

    What could possibly go wrong? :)


  12. LABCAT

    Anyone know of the updated release date?


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