1. Robert Smith

    Still no feature to inform site owners or ask permission to send their data to wordpress.org. Does wordpress.org intend to not comply with GDPR themselves?


    • Bharti

      This Time i’m not going to update WordPress..

      Last time i have updated my wordpress and all of my site’s setting got changed :(


    • David

      I agree, this is long overdue.

      However, I guess this won’t happen, as my feeling is, that the Core dev team and Automattic seems not fully understand what the GDPR means in that regard. It’s a shame.

      I get, that some info is needed to make the update process happen properly – and by all means we need a proper update system.

      But they have to at least declare in full and in public what data goes where and when and how long it is kept. And for storing the IP address they must implement a mechanism to anonymize it as that is required by GDPR.

      If there is any data, that might not be essential but is only optional then the user MUST get the option to OPT-IN to also transfer that data.

      That would mean another option setting in the UI, yes. And again this then has to be opt-in.

      I am curious how long we have to wait for all that. If there are any legal cases around the whole thing we might get it earlier, who knows…


  2. Glen

    Will WordPress have better SVG image support? I don’t understand what the security issue is with uploading the SVG files we make. Why can’t they just be uploaded like regular image files in WordPress?


  3. Andrei

    Hello guys.
    Do you have any idea if WP 4.9.6 is compatible with php 5.2? Specifically is this GDPR features will actually work on an instance running php 5.2?
    Thank you in advance for your answer.


  4. Marcus Tibesar

    We’ve shut off WordPress Automatic updates for the next few releases just to be cautious. Most of our clients provide services locally to the local community and don’t conduct EU transactions.


  5. James Smith

    Any idea if WP 4.9.6 is compatible with php 5.2?


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