1. Josh

    Thrilled we’re finally dropping IE 8, 9, and 10. Music to my ears!


    • Rhys Clay

      110% – im also keen to drop IE altogether (11)


      • Marcus Tibesar

        Agreed, IE sucks BIG LEAGUE!


      • Cavalary

        Dropping old versions makes sense, but I’d need to find an alternative to WordPress if that happens to 11 too…
        FF is a CPU hog, needs an addon to customize the new tab page as of some time ago, doesn’t display a list of recently closed tabs, fonts look nasty and it has way fewer options directly available (as in not digging through about:config and having to look up each thing). And I’m definitely not touching Chrome.
        Vivaldi seems interesting, and felt like a good fit when I tested it when I used Linux for a couple of weeks some months ago and giving it a go seemed like the only valid option, but being based on Chromium makes me too wary to try it again since, when not forced into it.


      • Tim

        Seems like they did, at least my IE11 doesn’t display the Visual/Text tabs. Off to another browser!


    • Sean

      As much as I’d like to drop IE support, we have a few priority corporate clients that still run IE9. Not so much music to my ears, but more of a possible nightmare!


  2. Syed Raiyan

    New Image, Video, and Audio Widgets will surely help a lot for the enthusiast like me. Great initiative. Our blogger will soon implement it on our community site Amader Electronics to benefit from these features. Best wishes to you guys. Keep up the good work cause I believe-

    Knowledge is power when it is open for all



  3. George

    A video made to explain link boundaries, shows how underwhelming this release once again is.


  4. Danny Brown

    Just to confirm, am I reading the part about the text widget correctly?

    As noted above, for previously existing Text widgets that had the auto-add paragraphs’ checkbox unchecked (and thus the filter instance prop set to false), the previous behavior of not doing wpautop will be maintained: only once the widgets are modified will any extraneous line breaks need to be removed.

    As a lot of my sites do not use the check box for paragraph breaks, do I need to update every text widget I use, or is it only moving forward?


  5. Jamesb

    The video widget does NOT seem to allow you to just drag and drop Youtube URL’s into the widget outlined box….

    And drag and drop and copy stuff seem to be a bit messed up also ….

    At least that’s two issues I’ve had working on my blog in 4.8….


  6. Bozdar

    I won’t install the update immediately. I’ll wait so the theme and plugins I use get updated.


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